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At LEHCAB we always welcome talent and are thrilled to meet professionals who are interested in developing their career at our firm.

Understanding the company’s spirit is essential before submitting an application.

We are an office that is…

  • operating with a law boutique format,
  • highly specialised,
  • committed to quality, and
  • necessarily selective concerning our alliances.

That is the only way we can offer a service that achieves the excellence and dedication that our clients are looking for when they come to us.

We therefore pay close attention to profiles having a solid academic background, a clear vocation to practice law, and willing to gain in-depth knowledge in the areas in which the firm specialises.

If this sounds like you and you wish to contact us, please send your résumé to careers@lehcab.com. We focus on applicants who also send a brief presentation explaining their interest in LEHCAB, preferably in English. This authorization must be signed (if possible by means of an electronic certificate) and attached for personal data processing. Regrettably, failure to include said authorisation in your mail will lead to your application being refused.

If you are a student (of law or in a master’s program that specialises in our areas of practise) and wish to do your internship with us, please send your résumé, presentation, and said authorisation to students@lehcab.com.