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In-depth knowledge of processes is essential not only when acting as lead counsel in a judicial or arbitration case, but long before that. Although our counselling work also covers non-contentious matters, at LEHCAB we always bear in mind that possible scenario so that, if necessary, everything is set in place to optimise our clients’ position for purposes of share retainment, accessibility, clarity, and validity of evidence, or adaptation to various legal presumptions, for example. Furthermore, continuously studying, researching, and updating ourselves with respect to procedural doctrine and case law are essential to ensure that all tools can be put into optimal use to guarantee the best defence for our clients.

The lawyers at LEHCAB are experienced in proceedings before all national and EU courts, and a number of arbitration courts. They are extremely well-versed in both purely technical aspects, such as the skills required to define strategies and handle negotiations. As a result, several proceedings handled by LEHCAB attorneys have led to the setting of precedent that serves today as a general action guideline.